What is a Healthy Relationship

What is a Healthy Relationship | Explained


What is a Healthy Relationship

Numerous people urge to have a healthy relationship. Very few people are able to get through the success of having a healthy relationship. If you would ask me that, ‘What is a Healthy Relationship?’, then I would just say that it is a little tricky question to answer. Because what I feel is that the relationships are communicated by various range factors including the meaning, closeness and purpose as well as on one’s relationship history and cultural identity.

So, do you know what is a healthy relationship? Who is the one who decides what is healthy for a relationship and what is not? If you really want to achieve a healthy relationship, then here I have listed few ideas which you can consider.

A relationship where both the partners support each other and connect well, still feel free and independent. This is known as a healthy relationship. We have two major components of a healthy relationship, one is BOUNDARIES and the other is COMMUNICATION. It is obvious that both the partners equally decide what is healthy for their relationship and what is not. If one partner doesn’t feel something is right, then he/she should have the right to voice their concerns with their partner.

Is your relationship healthy?

A healthy relationship doesn’t only make you feel good, but even enhances your life. We all know that every relationship takes time, care and commitment of two people to keep it healthy and live. If you will try to give more of your time, you will definitely go to get more from it. I have already discussed above the qualities of a healthy relationship, which includes equality, maintaining individuality, trust, shared interests, respect and open communication.

Do you know that a healthy relationship can be your best supporter in life? Yes, having a healthy relationship gives a person a meaning and a purpose of life. But, on another hand, if your relationship is not working, then it can be one of the major drains of your life which can be unhealthy for you.

Now, don’t ask me another question here, ‘what is an unhealthy relationship?’ because I will be talking about them in my future articles.


Communication helps in having a healthy relationship between you and your partners as it allows in having a deep understanding between each other. It also helps in connecting with each other well. In a healthy relationship, if you have a good communication, then both the partners:

  • Supports and treats each other with respect
  • Speak openly about their feelings and thoughts
  • Feel supported and expressive about their feelings
  • Listen and Compromise
  • Criticize in a positive way and help them improve
  • Celebrate their success and accomplishments
  • Don’t feel envious of their success


Boundaries help people in having a healthy relationship because every person needs their own space and they have the right to express their feelings to their partner. When it is about the personal space, time, sex life, friends and family, a person should express their feelings that they are comfortable with it or not. In a healthy relationship, the boundaries help both the partners:

  • Allowing each other with their personal time and space to spend with family and friends
  • Avoid keeping checks on their partner and trust each other
  • Do not pressurize for the things in which they are not comfortable
  • No accusations about being unfaithful or disloyal

Qualities of Healthy Relationships

Every person is different from each other and thus, there is no such ONE way to have a healthy relationship. But, there are certain qualities of a healthy relationship which are most important.

  • Allowing each other with freedom and to be themselves
  • Comprehending the differences of each other
  • Respecting individuality and listening to each other views
  • Expressing and understanding each other’s desires, feelings and needs
  • Being honest, calm, understanding and loyal
  • Trusting each other and resolving all the conflicts mutually, rationally and peacefully
  • Engaging with each other which helps in eliminating the physical or emotional abuse, manipulation and controlling over each other

Do you know that life is all about the relationship decisions? Yes. It is because your decisions are the most powerful future predictors. It is not just about the involvement of two or more people together, but a relationship is about communication with people. While making your relationship choices, you have to be really careful because those choices actually determine the path of your life.

Most of the people develop or choose their relationships based on EMOTIONS, but if you really want to have a healthy relationship with a person, then you really need to keep a check over your emotions. Your emotional decisions can take you into the sufferings of long-term consequences of a relationship. Also, a healthy relationship involves two people who recognize their own significance and individuality.

If people are healthy, then they know that they are complete and whole because it is must know your limitations and abilities about a relationship before starting the one. There are numerous people whose poor role models and life experiences affects their relationship abilities and thus they fail in having a healthy relationship.

There are people who despite their age couldn’t be able to handle relationships maturely at deeper levels, while there are some people who are not prepared to build one. Before starting a new relationship, it is really good to look at your past relationships and do your own self-assessment. You will be directed into the right direction if you will get to know about your limitations and relational abilities as well as of your partner.

If you are simply not ready to be in a healthy relationship, then it is my advice to you all to skip the idea. Because if you are not ready, then at some point in your life, you might land up asking yourself a question, ‘What I am doing in this relationship?’ It is really easy to point out faults in other people, but we never see faults in our self. I simply just want to put up my own quote here:

“Don’t always see flaws in other people. No person is without flaws and if you think you are flawless, then it’s your biggest flaw.”


Numerous relationships fail because people are unable to handle those responsibilities and demands which every thriving and healthy relationship needs. This significantly means that you really need to be capable of making good decisions which can help you in leading a healthy relationship and free from all the unnecessary problems.

Lastly, I just want to say that maintain your relationships in a healthy way through Love, Communication, Mutual Respect, Honesty, Forgiveness, Trust, Patience, Commitment, and Faithfulness.

I do hope that you all go an answer to “What is a Healthy Relationship”. If you still have something in your mind regarding the same, then you can leave your comments below.

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  1. It is a very inspiring article . But if the other person is , totally a nonbeliever in keeping up healthy relationship.. though there is some love and caring coming from him . Priya Batra , keep on writing ..I read them and enjoy them .All the best .

    1. Hey Shama T. Bukhari
      What I feel that if a person cannot express his/her love for the other person, then it is not a healthy relationship. So, just give time and care to the relationship, but still, if it doesn’t work, then move apart.
      Glad to know you liked this article.
      Will keep on writing.
      Thanks much.

  2. Really inspiring articles for the people who are in relationship…i wish they get a lesson from it and build a healthy relationship…. Trust and understanding are the main pillar of any relationship…. others are secondary….

    1. Hey Rupali Gupta
      Absolutely true. If a relationship doesn’t have the understanding and trust between two people, that relationship can never work.
      Glad to know you liked this article.
      Thanks much.

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